Since 1986, Evergreen Magazine has been the voice of American forestry and science-based forest policy. In the ongoing pursuit of practical, sustainable and productive forests, we’ve updated our look and expanded our reach. These improvements aren’t merely cosmetic. We’ve been delighted to discover a broad audience of reasonable, cooperative people who understand the vital importance of healthy, actively-managed forests. We’ve recruited new talents, crafted new strategies, and prepared tirelessly for what our founder Jim Petersen calls “the race to a better future”.

We hope you’ll join us. It’s people like you, people who care about our health, economy and environment, that will enable us to bring about the changes we know must be made. Looking forward, we see the opportunity for rural and urban, right and left, wealthy and poor, to unite under this common cause to the greater benefit of all. Your time, your donations, your willingness to advance this noble goal, are the proof that Americans are ready to move past rhetoric and conflict to craft solutions that strengthen and empower our communities, our children, and ourselves. Thanks for coming. We’re glad to have you.

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