The Evergreen Foundation is a non-profit forestry research and educational organization (EIN: 94-3112976). We were incorporated in Oregon in 1990 under Internal Revenue Service 501 (c)(3) guidelines which govern the conduct of all non-profits incorporated for religious, scientific, educational and charitable purposes.

Our Vision:

Evergreen seeks to be a valuable public education resource that advances the pursuit of healthy, productive, resilient forests. We give voice to the consistent forest practices, and forest policies that leave a legacy of growth for generations to come.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to advance public understanding and support for science-based forestry and forest policy by providing clear and concise facts and commentary. We endorse long term, active forest management for healthy forests and productive communities. Our approach is to engage opinion leaders, decision-makers, community leaders, and community members in the discussion and support of healthy, productive, resilient forests.

To this end we operate our website and publish Evergreen Magazine, a periodic journal with a 30+ year history of advocating science-based forest policy. We work to keep our members, students, elected officials, grass roots groups and the media abreast of issues and events that are impacting forestry, forest communities, and the forest products industry.

Evergreen works with a variety of partners to create communication and stewardship campaigns that connect, educate, and engage the public in a dialogue about the care and future of our public and private forest lands.

The Need:

Due to of current forest policies, practices, and historical decisions – our communities and forests face unstable economic, social, and environmental conditions.

Well-managed forests foster a steady state of desirable conditions that create a legacy of opportunity for current and future generations. Active forest care and management supports healthy forests, creates jobs, reduces wildfires, and stabilizes community partnerships and conditions.

Our Values:

  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Information
  • Motivation
  • Organization


Jim Petersen

Jim Petersen is the President and co-founder of the non-profit Evergreen Foundation, and publisher of Evergreen Magazine, the Foundation’s periodic journal. Evergreen Foundation was established in Medford, Oregon in 1986 to help advance public understanding and support for science based forestry and forest policy. The organization’s original sponsors were all members of the Southern Oregon Timber Industries Association.

Jim is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the 2003 Society of American Foresters National Journalism Award, for his work on “The New Pioneers,” a special Evergreen report profiling entrepreneurial solutions to the Southwest’s forest health crisis. Among Jim’s other awards: Best Forestry Public Relations Program in the Nation, American Forest & Paper Association – 1991; Whistle Punk of the Year, Southern Oregon Timber Industries Association, 1994; National Public Service Award, Association of Consulting Foresters – 1996; Outstanding Contributions to Forestry Education, Northeastern Loggers Association – 1999; Outstanding Forestry Activist in the Western United States, Forest Resources Association, 2000; Woodpecker of the Year Award, Hoo-Hoo International – 2002 and Communicator of the Year Award, Montana Wood Products Association – 2004, for his leadership in the national forest health debate and, in particular, his role in congressional ratification of the Bush Administration’s Healthy Forests Restoration Act.

Jim grew up in Kellogg, Idaho. His family roots are in logging, saw-milling, cattle ranching, and mining. He is a graduate of the University of Idaho, where he majored in journalism and broadcasting. He was a newspaper reporter and editor for several years before founding his own public relations firm. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters, the Forest History Society, the Intermountain Logging Conference and the Pacific Logging Congress [President, 2007].  He and his wife Julia live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.