Counties On Fire, An Initiative To Save Our Forests And Communities

Evergreen’s grassroots initiative to educate and engage the public in a dialogue about the economic and environmental costs of the increasing size, damage, and occurrence of Wildfire.
Counties On Fire, An Initiative To Save Our Forests And Communities

The American West is burning. Whether started by nature or man, forest fires grow more destructive each year. A decrease in harvest and salvage, combined with an increase in young tree and underbrush growth, suppression of controlled burns, and urban density has given us forests that are fuel laden and ready to ignite.

There are solutions but time is running out to reverse course. We must understand how we got to this point and begin the proactive practice of fire resiliency within our forests, the Wildland Urban Interface, and within our communities. It is time for sustainable, active stewardship at the local level.

We must achieve a harmonious existence with our natural resources. We can give future generations the gift of clean air and water, healthy forests, a vibrant economy, and a sustainable supply of fuel, building materials, and wildlife habitat.

In the coming weeks and months we will be sharing interviews, media campaigns, educational programs, resources, and opportunities for hands-on action at the Grassroots level. Sign up to receive the “Friends of Evergreen Newsletter” to find out how you can get involved.

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2022 NACo Legislative Conference

Jim Petersen recently spoke at the NACo 2022 Legislative Conference - his message was on the untapped capacity of counties in the west to address wildfire risk and how Evergreen can assist in that process. He highlighted an Evergreen Project in Montana. Both the script and PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded below.

Lincoln County, Montana:

The Counties On Fire Project

A Presentation by James D. Petersen
Founder and President, The non-profit Evergreen Foundation

Download the NACO presentation PPT (45MB)

Download Jim Petersen’s NACO presentation PDF (2MB)

NACo 2022, Adopted Interim Policy Resolutions

See page 12 for the 3 interim adopted resolutions pertaining to PUBLIC LANDS:

  • INTERIM RESOLUTION SUPPORTING WILDFIRE MITIGATION EFFORTS ON U.S. FOREST SERVICE LAND UNDER THE INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT AND JOBS ACT - This is the only resolution that failed - which demands immediate wildfire suppression. It was tabled for further discussion and will potentially come up in a different form at the July conference. Contact your county commissioners if you are concerned about the passing of this resolution.

Confronting The Wildfire Crisis

A Strategy for Protecting Communities and Improving Resilience in America’s Forests

“Overgrown forests, a warming climate, and a growing number of homes in the wildland-urban interface, following more than a century of rigorous fire suppression, have all contributed to what is now a full-blown wildfire and forest health crisis. The Forest Service has launched a robust, 10-year strategy to squarely address this wildfire crisis in the places where it poses the most immediate threats to communities. The Forest Service will work with partners to focus on fuels and forest health treatments more strategically and at the scale of the problem, using the best available science as a guide. The plan calls for the agency to treat up to an additional 20 million acres on National Forest System lands, and up to an additional 30 million acres of other Federal, State, Tribal, and private lands.” - US Forest Service, Confronting The Wildfire Crisis

Forest Service PDF Downloads

Counties On Fire

Lincoln County