We Value Your Voice

Evergreen is in need of volunteers to share content on social media, bring our message to new groups and stakeholders, and to give us feedback on everything from website design to educational programs. Your voice helps us reach new people to join our movement.

Getting involved is easy, simply fill out the newsletter subscription form (found throughout this site) and press the “SUBSCRIBE” button. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll let you know whenever we roll out new programs (such as “Friends of Evergreen”) that provide an opportunity to help further our cause.

What Is Friends of Evergreen?

Launching in 2014, the Friends of Evergreen program is an opportunity for individuals who care about our nation’s forests to get involved in helping effect change in a direct and very meaningful way. For every action you take to help Evergreen you receive credit towards a badge. Badges represent the most beneficial community-building actions. Share a hundred pieces of content via social media? Earn the Emissary Badge. Organize a flash mob in your community? Earn an Ambassador badge.

Badges aren’t just pretty icons you can put on your Facebook page. Each new level or achievement unlocks more options for participation. Achieve the highest level and you may be the guest of honor at our next fundraising event. What’s more, “leveling up” comes with a variety of rewards (some of them secret) including merchandise, event tickets, and opportunities to become a permanent member of our volunteer team.